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We are passionate about our churches and pastors.

We believe assisting churches in finding their next pastor is one of the most important services we provide and we’ve been doing it for years with hundreds of churches. P3 is more than a system, it's a relationship. Our staff and our consultants support your search team and leadership every step of the way.

A pastor search is much more than simply hiring someone for a job. Successful pastor placements are the result of knowing the questions to ask, knowing what makes a good fit for a long-term relationship, and access to a proven process that brings it all together.

A Proven Process

P3 (Pastor Placement Process) was developed under the guidance of Converge North Central and supports pastors and churches nationwide.

P3 is a proven system that has successfully served over 100 churches in a nationwide search to find the right fit in their next season of ministry.

The P3 Team

P3Headshots (1 of 6).jpg
Mandy Johnson

Director of Placement

Converge 2021 Web Res (2 of 3).jpg
Jan Eitzen

P3 Administrator

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